Saturday, January 21, 2006

Minóy\Zannóy - mr. chances deaf mix for jake hobo

This takes the jake hobo random thing one step farther (and once you do this you can only really do it once before you come back from the brink) where i didn’t even listen to the tape as i was making it. mainly you risk distortion, but it was an anti-ego experiment in no taste. i remember sitting on the floor of the livingroom at drake park apartments. orange carpet, I was facing east. in front of me was a tin pie pan divided into segments that were numbered which i would spin to determine to things.(i believe it was this process that i used for this realese) to my left was a drawer of source tapes from all manner of people. i believe i arrived at which tapes to use by a different method than the pan. (perhaps multi-sided d&d dice? and maybe not)

Featuring Haters [can], Croiners [ny], Mike Jackson [tn], Fenner & Beau Castner [ky], Adam Bohman [uk] Nick [in], Tuf [jp], Gory Armadillos Exacting Chortles [ia], T.Diez [il] as well as Minoy's Crew > Anika & Stewart.


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