Saturday, January 21, 2006

Minóy\Zannóy Forge a Pan

Spring cleaning in 1997 unearthed some collaborations which had slipped into obscurity. The Forge a Pan recordings were ten years old and needed only a short track to finish the work. It now consists of two pieces, creaky, sometimes creepy, but always changing landscapes. Jack Jordan reports
Murky tones in darkish zones, quietly propelling toward an undefinable destination. A plethora of quietly competing electronics flit and dart about the predominant tones and drones, giving them body and weight. Toward the end, an eerie aggregation of voices pained and sorrowed intrudes against an otherworldly minor-keyed instro/elec backdrop... enter more crazy-quilt vocal samplings and elex to place us in a rear, dimly lit room of a mental asylum...our equilibrium is never regained and there's a cold stop. Some really nice tension here showing a talented use of control and restraint.


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