Saturday, January 21, 2006

Minóy\Zannóy - Zommm

Done in the basement of 132 while I was attending U of L. Studio equipment would be the aunt jean tape deck (shoe box style I call it with the buttons on one end in front of the cassette that faces up and the speaker is behind that going to the back of the unit)and the jvc kdw double deck w/ mike line dubbing. These were wired together, finally with low impedence cords, and because the jvc would copy at double speed, and allow simultaneous overdubbing, I often experiment with time- adjusted sounds. Mainly to try to take them away from being recognized. Thus with obscurity I could do experimental music. At this point Minoy drone tapes were a real eye opener for me. I never imagined carrying a whole piece for an entire side of a tape. That was unreal. The only way I could really get there early on was by experimented running different min—y tapes against each other at various speeds. I am not sure I really intened to release these, I just perhaps a bit guiltily admitted to Minoy that I had done this and sent him a copy. Of course because it was just him (not us) he was flattered and enthusiastic about this course (coarse) of events. This is one of the early tapes of this school
Elevation of Anxiety No. 3


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